A Florida Title Search Company


  • A Bulk Package Purchase is Non-Refundable. All Title Search Credits included in a bulk purchase are Non-Refundable.
  • All unused Title Search Credits expire 1 year from date of purchase.
  • If, for any reason we cannot complete a title search request, a Title Search Credit will be issued back to your dashboard. Your dashboard will show returned and remaining Title Search Credits allowing you to know exactly where you stand at all times!
  • Title search credits can be used to order title searches in all counties we service, except Dade county.
  • Title search credits can only be used for residential properties located in subdivisions and condo associations.
  • Title Search Credits may not be used for properties that are in a Tax Deed Status or where a Tax Deed Sale has occurred.
  • Title Search Credits may not be used to order Updates.
  • Title Search Credits are subject to our Policy and Terms.